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Guidance and Counseling

Our focus in everything we do is customer service. We are personally invested in our clients' cases. Unlike many other firms, when our clients call, we talk to them; when our clients email us, we email them back; when our clients need help, we solve the problems and issues for them. In general, we make sure to treat our clients the way we would want to be treated when dealing with a difficult issue

Reaching a Deal
Shaking Hands

Financial Compensations

Our firm has been practicing Personal Injury Law for years, with hundreds of successful case outcomes. Our clients can count on our Financial Compensation expertise to manage the legal framework supporting their endeavors. When we are involved in a case, we help our client(s) successfully resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Accident Claims

We specialize in Personal Injury in order to provide the best possible service to our clients. We excel at alternate dispute resolution and are almost always able to resolve our clients' cases in an amicable way, without having to set foot in a courtroom. However, if litigation is necessary to make things right for our clients, we are one of the most aggressive litigation firms in the area. We have successfully litigated cases in all levels of the court system up to the Washington State Court of Appeals.

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